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      florida workmans compensation features  Preparing Earning logs

      florida workmans compensation features  Calculating regular and overtime
      florida workmans compensation features  Tracking bonuses and holiday pay
      florida workmans compensation features  I-9 Compliance
      florida workmans compensation features  W-4 and records
      florida workmans compensation features  Issuing checks
      florida workers compensation solutions  Making Payroll Deposits
      florida workers compensation solutions  Quarterly and Annual reports
      florida workers compensation solutions  Maintaining Payroll
      florida workers compensation solutions  Records Bookkeeping
      florida workers compensation solutions  W2 and year end reports 

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 Florida Workers Compensation 
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Rather than cutting payroll checks, you give TPM one amount every pay period. It’s that simple!

TPM then processes and distributes accurate paychecks to your worksite on time,  and even offers direct deposit of paychecks. Outsourcing your payroll to TPM is one of the many benefits of our working relationship.

What About Workers Compensation Insurance?

TPM facilitates Workers Compensation through an association with a multi-million dollar corporation.

We make available to you a cutting edge employee leasing system that passes this reduced cost on through a Total Payroll Management program.

As the cost of Workers Comp grows, your savings over Workers Comp insurance could outweigh the entire cost of TPM'S payroll services.

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Florida Workers Compensation 
   You transfer your current and future employees into the program. This is a very simple process and we assist you every step of the way.

  Total Payroll Management assumes all legal responsibility of the employee,  including payroll administration and human resource functions.  They are also covered for workers compensation.

Each pay period you phone, fax, or e-mail the employee payroll hours to TPM.

Payroll checks are processed from TPM within 24 hours and are delivered directly to your location.

When the payroll checks arrive, you write one check to TPM for that payroll period. We handle the rest!


Workers comp in Florida compliance information

    • Cal-Osha
    • Workers’ Compensation Claims
    • Unemployment Claims
    • Wage Garnishment and Records
    • Wage Law Compliance
    • Labor Board Disputes
    • Terminations
    • ADA Compliance
    • Wage and Hour Law Compliance

This is one of the most under-rated area of liability for most companies.
Employment errors can be very expensive to a business. With so many employment laws, including COBRA, ADA, INS, EEOC, OSHA and others, even the smallest mistake can be legally significant and very expensive. In fact, the small details can become a company’s biggest problems.

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